About Us

Hi friends! My name is Theresa (Flint) Suseland and I am the face behind Reese Walter Creations.  I LOVE creating fun items for people to wear, display or gift!  My journey started several years ago when I started posting items on Facebook that I made for myself. People started inquiring about purchasing the items so I slowly started making extras. I would spend HOURS in my craft room and my beloved Chocolate Lab, Reese Walter, would lay under my desk with his head on my feet (he could never be more than 2 ft away from me). One day my husband said that I needed a name for my little makeshift craft biz. I looked down at my feet and jokingly said "Uh...Reese Walter Creations"?? And so it began. Sadly, I lost my best friend Reese to cancer at the end of 2018 and life in the craft room has never been the same. But I continue to craft on in his memory!  

Thanks so much for the support!!